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Chris Lockeby


Chris Lockeby, Chaplain

My name is Norma Christine Lockeby (Chris). My husband Bob and I became ordained elders in the Free Methodist Church in 1992. We received our B. A. in Ministry Degrees from Vennard College at University Park, Iowa, in 1989. After graduation, we were assigned to the Iowa City Free Methodist Church where we served as co-pastors for 8 years before my husband’s health required us to retire from the Free Methodist Church ministry.


My husband died in 2012 and I began worshiping at the Greater Iowa City Church Of The Nazarene. The Senior Pastor invited me to take on the role of Chaplain for our local church. Subsequently, in 2015 I applied for and was granted a ministerial license as an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene.


The Chaplaincy arm of the Greater Iowa City Church of the Nazarene was initiated in 2014. Our mission is to reach people who cannot routinely worship with the local body of Christ. We have formed a team of six people who take on the ministry of contacting people through the mail, telephone, Internet, home visitation, rehab center visitation, and hospital visitation. We offer prayer, Bible study, communion, and anointing for healing, as well as transportation to doctor’s appointments, transportation to church functions, and transportation for grocery shopping.

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